In January, 2015, RUPES S.p.A., a leading European manufacturer of electric and pneumatic power tools and vacuum systems, acquired U.S.-based Cyclo Toolmakers, Inc., changing the latter's name from Cyclo Toolmakers, Inc. to RUPES USA, Inc. RUPES S.p.A. the parent company, is already well known in the U.S. for its innovative random orbital polishing system called the BigFoot and is committed to increasing the availability of its products within the U.S. market as well as continuing to manufacture and support the full line of Cyclo products.

The Cyclo product line had its beginning in the early 1950s when two former U.S. army pilots flew home to Colorado from the Middle East.  Their twin engine airplane had been badly battered by the wind, sand, and sun of the harsh Arabian desert. The plane needed extensive bodywork but the men became frustrated with the swirl marks left on the fuselage by rotary polishers. They wanted a "hand-rubbed" quality finish. So, together, they worked to develop a unique design and after several revisions, the first orbital polisher, called the Cyclo, was manufactured in 1952 in Denver, Colorado.

As early as 1953, the United States Government had approved the polisher for routine use on its military aircraft and missiles. It was, (and continues today) to be the polisher used by the President's Air Force One fleet and Smithsonian museums. Soon thereafter, consumers quickly expanded its use beyond the aircraft industry to include auto, boat, and RV detailing as well as hockey rink maintenance, carpet and tile cleaning, woodworking, industrial metal polishing, and even casket making.

Interestingly, the Cyclo tool that was initially manufactured as an aircraft polisher, also became known as the "slenderizer", a massager that was used not only to relieve tension but also to stimulate circulation and trim one's figure.

The massager's use soon expanded to horse stables. Trainers and owners alike discovered that the animals were calmed and healed by the relaxing motion of the hand-like movements. Even Roy Roger's famous horse, Trigger, routinely benefited from its use!

In late 1954, the small Colorado company signed a deal with Sear-Roebuck to produce the Cyclo under the Craftsman brand, and by mid-1955, the Craftsman version of the tool was on the shelves in Sears stores nationwide. Ultimately, Sears tried to buy the company but was unsuccessful in its bid.

For many years thereafter, the original company continued to manufacture and distribute the polisher, whose design has virtually remained unchanged since the fifties (a tribute to its creators ingenuity) and to great industrial engineering. It is not uncommon for us to hear from owners of 40-50 year old tools that are still in use today!

In January, 2003, the manufacturing company was bought by Cyclo Toolmakers, Inc., a privately-held American-owned company; the production facilities were moved from Denver to Longmont, Colorado.

Today, RUPES USA, Inc. is committed to the tradition of producing only the highest quality Cyclo polishers and accessories. As our list of both domestic and international customers expands, we are intent on continuing to maintain its Cyclo's reputation as the best and most durable polishing tool worldwide.


Since 1953, Cyclo's foundation has been one built on a strict adherence to the highest standards in every aspect of our business.

Our mission is to relentlessly continue our tradition of producing only the most durable, serviceable and functional products of legendary quality.

We will treat our employees, customers, and suppliers with respect and integrity, understanding they are integral to our company's success.

Lastly, we will listen carefully to our customers and work tirelessly to deliver the most responsive service, as well as superior value through innovative products and services.


Cyclo Industries, Inc. (not us) offers a complete line of professionally formulated, time-tested cleaners, lubricants, and additives in dynamic packages - products designed for the complete maintenance and enhanced performance of heavy-duty equipment, truck, marine, and industrial applications.