Cyclo Pad Attachment Systems

71-Series: Foam or wool pads permanently attached to rubber bonnets. Most durable. Fit directly over Cyclo Polisher heads.

72-Series: Foam or wool pads with integral Velcro style backing for quick and easy multiple pad changes. Requires ProGuard Orbital Backing Plates (79-112) or Rubber Pad Holders (79-101), which fit directly over Cyclo Polisher heads.

79-112-5/16 ProGuard™ Orbital Backing Plate: New from Cyclo Toolmakers. The ProGuard Orbital Backing Plate features a plate-integrated hook field unlike other backing plates. Low profile for improved control and a non-marking bumper for safe operation. The advanced design ensures against delamination, allows for faster pad centering, and is perfect for quick and easy pad changes (79-112x2 a 2-pack).

ProGuard™ Orbital Backing Plates, 2-pack (79-112x2)

79-101 Rubber Pad Holders: Durable, long-lasting Pad Holders fit directly over the Cyclo Polisher heads to hold 72 Series pads via Velcro hook face.

Rubber Pad Holders 2-pack (79-101x2)